Happy Notes is a gift box that combines psychology, philosophy, and humor into a single, customizable box. This box is intended to boost spirits and provide tools to improve both personal, and communal happiness.
Every Happy Notes box is customizable. As a giver, the outside pattern of the box, wrap around band color/message can be customized to give the box its own personality, and appeal to the recipient's personal taste. 
 Share Smiles: Within every Happy Notes box, is a share smiles box. This box is intended for the recipient to pass happiness along to someone else. This box can be shared with a perfect stranger, friend, sibling, or office co-worker who may need a reason to smile. Each mini box includes mini compliment cards, greeting cards, stickers, and buttons, so happiness can continue to be shared.
Compliment Cards: In each box, there is a deck of fifty-two, hand-lettered compliment cards. Each card allows the opportunity to acknowledge the positive attributes of others, and also offer messages of support and encouragement. The back of the cards is lined to allow an additional personal note that can be left in a lunchbox, on a desk, or with a check at a restaurant. 

Greeting Cards: Within every box, there are four illustrative or typographic greeting cards. Each offers an opportunity to say thank you and acknowledge the supportive and positive people around you. 
Stickers: Each hand-lettered, vinyl sticker is intended to be left where either the recipient or people in the community can see on a daily basis. Within my research, it was found that when exposed to positive messaging every day, it can slowly rewire people's outlook on life. 
Happy Notes Journal: The Happy Notes Journal is a weekly journal that encourages self-awareness and personal growth by discovering who and what influences the recipient's happiness and outlook on life. Each week includes a hand-lettered quote, weekly rating scale, changing weekly questions, as well as information about the various philosophies and psychologies surrounding happiness. The journal also includes tips, facts, and calls to action to help improve personal and communal happiness.  
Art Prints: Included in every box, there is one art print which is meant to be displayed where it can be seen everyday. By seeing this positive affirmation on a daily basis, the recipient can start their day on a positive note. 
Within my research, I discovered that social media posts that have a positive message tend to be shared three times farther than negative posts. As a result, Happy Notes' Instagram profile is committed to not only advertising the contents of the box but to sharing and promoting positive thinking and happiness. 
In this seventeen-foot wall space, Happy Notes is broken into three separate sections. GIVE HAPPINESS: Showcases the website which walks through the customizable options for both the exterior and interior boxes. RECEIVE HAPPINESS: Displays the inner contents of the box, as well as the variety of designed pieces that can be chosen to appeal to the recipient's style, sense of humor, or message they may need to hear at the moment. SHARE HAPPINESS: Explores the variety of greeting cards, as well as the social media posts that are meant to spread happiness. 
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