She's always been into fashion. Playing dress-up might have been make-believe, but even then it was never about pretending she was someone else. It was practice, and she's been crafting a uniquely curated wardrobe ever since. 
Vylette embodies femininity with and edge—sweetly floral with a cosmopolitan twist—just like her sense of style. We'll reward the everyday by delivering the essential pieces and fast, fresh trends that encourage her to stand out and stay true to herself.
Kohl's new juniors' brand for teenagers and young women ages 16-24 years old looking for trendy, fast-fashion style that is a combination of casual, sexy, and feminine pieces at affordable prices. 

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Copywriter: Alyx Minor Photo Art Director: Rainer Prawitz Art Director: Lizzy Lovas Design: Madyson Brady
The brand initially launched in 124 doors and expanded to 200 stores. 
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